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In this book you'll discover how to market your business with the right tools and mindset so you can take it to the next level....

After spending the last 22 years building and managing sales teams - I decided to take the time to share withe EVERYONE
on what made it all happen.

Doesn't matter if you sell something for 
$1,000  or  $1,000,000 

The process is the same..

IT'S ALL HERE - nothing held back!

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Finally! A PRACTICAL way to grow 
ANY Business 
If you understand that in business you need:

This Book is for you!
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Scale Your Business: How to build your business so your products and services can  really scale. Meaningful SCALE is different for everyone.
  • Find BETTER clients: Kick the price shoppers out of your game and learn to focus on the clients that buy on value and committment and not just on price.who are not price shoppers and buy on value more than anything.
  • Client Referrals: Have your existing clients refer you to new ones - with no risk to them at all. All because they love your products and services.
  • Partner Referrals: Get your Trade Partners, Vendors and complementary owners to really understand your business as the trusted, go to partner for them and their clients - no questions asked. 
  • Expand your Offering: How to expand your product and service offering with VERY low risk and why diversifying your revenue will help you grow when everyone else is sucking wind and striking out.
  • Generate Leads:  How to build a system that generates new opportunities for your business at will.  It's so good your competition will hate you..
  • Close without Selling:  How to close more sales without actually selling - don't get caught up in the myth that selling is hard - I will show you how to think about the process in a whole new light.
  • Geometric Growth:  How to build a "Geometric Business" that scales without thought - now you can build a business you have always dreamed of.
As an owner, CEO & Entrepreneur you cannot afford to get caught up IN the business.

This gives you the tools, mindset & approach 
to work ON the business.

What People Are Saying About "Stuck On First" On..
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Bryan's approach is spot on, especially for those of us wondering why we got into business in the 1st place." - Nick P - VP of Sales
"I am so amazed with the idea that I can still do what I love and STILL be a GURU at marketing and not feel like I'm selling out or being sleazy.." - Mehdy G - Founder
"I have worked with Bryan directly and his book is such and extension of his passion for helping his clients succeed. There are real gems - now I think about hits and not just homeruns." - Andy Y - President
"Bryan's book is a breath of fresh air and passion that I only thought that I had.  He shares his vision of how to grow and scale" -
 Walter B - Author of
"8 Figure Exit"
"As a growing Tech CEO Bryan's insight was really what I needed - I read every word and was so into what he shared that I gave it to my team" - Jason B - CEO
"If you want to clear through the clutter and get really focused on taking your business to the next level, this book will take you through a process that has proven successful for decades."- Chris C - COO
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